Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hotel La Falaise

Hotel la Falaise
Map of Mali showing location of Hotel la Falaise, Bandiagara

Our upstairs bedroom corridor 

The hotels we stayed at in Mali all had their own charm (except the one in Timbuktu), but none more so than the Hotel La Falaise in Bandiagara. It was built around a central tree-filled courtyard and was quite magical in the evenings and early mornings. We loved the continental breakfasts we had everywhere in Mali - coffee and the most delicious baguettes and jam (and butter if you asked for it).

The central courtyard which had three African grey
parrots loose up in the trees. They made a real
racket extremely early in the morning

Breakfast of coffee and baguettes in the courtyard

It was quite magical here in the evening

The evening we stayed there we decided to have dinner in their upstairs resturant. It was an absolutely delicious meal; some sort of baked tomatoe starter followed by fish and baked potatoes. The setting and meal just seemed so exotic and romantic to me...utterly memorable!

The upstairs restaurant across the courtyard from our room

The upstairs restaurant

Fish with baked potatoes and a delicious sauce

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